Louise J. Moran Vision Care Program

CCSC established the Louise J. Moran Vision Care Program to remove barriers from families needing eyeglasses for their children. The College of Optometrists in Vision Development reports that “up to 25 percent of school-age children may have vision problems that can affect learning, but only 14 percent of children receive a comprehensive eye exam before starting school. Nearly 10 million kids have undetected vision problems.”

Vision Care operates in two phases:

  • State-certified CCSC volunteers provide on-site vision screening to students at their campuses, working collaboratively with school nurses to identify children in need.
  • Follow up “field trips” are made to the University of Houston’s University Eye Institute (School of Optometry) for advanced, professional examinations and eyeglass dispensary services.

CCSC partners with school campuses in particularly underprivileged parts of our service area, and students whose families are in need, are provided with services. Since 2003, this program has been generously underwritten by the Louise J. Moran Foundation.

In the 2017-2018 school year, CCSC partnered with fourteen schools and provided vision screening to 999 children – our highest on record!  In addition, 464 students received professional eye exams at the University Eye Institute.  Of these, 417 obtained glasses.

For more information regarding the Louise J. Moran Vision Care program, contact the Youth Services Manager at 713.961.3993 ext. 215 or seasonal@ccschouston.org.

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