Many statistical categories reflect the dramatic level of need in Houston, especially when compared to state-wide averages:  (Kids Count Data Center)

City of Houston Texas
Individuals below poverty 22.2% 17.4%
Children under the age of 18, living in poverty 31.0% 25.8%


  • The state of Texas has many challenges related to poverty, financial insecurity and helping persons move toward self-sufficiency:  (Corporation for Enterprise Development)
    • 14.6% of Texans live in extreme poverty
    • 28% of jobs in Texas are low-wage jobs
    • 25% of Texans are uninsured for health care
    • 65% of Texas consumers have subprime credit
  • In 2008-2012, the Texas median household income was $51,563 – significantly lower than the national average of $53,046. (U S Census Bureau)
  • 4,565,185 Texans live in poverty – 17.9 percent of the population which has increased from 15.8% in 2008. (Center for Public Policy Priorities)
  • Texas’ largest cities have much worse uninsured rates than other major U.S. cities, creating special challenges. For example, Houston (25.3 percent) must respond to calls for help at a much greater rate than other major U.S. cities, such as New York (13.6 percent) and Phoenix (17.1 percent). This puts significant pressure on local communities to meet families’ needs. (Center for Public Policy Priorities)