CCSC Programs

Emergency Services-Central

The work of the Christian Community Service Center started with Emergency Services-Central providing a food pantry for Houston residents. This outreach program strives to help low income clients in southwest and central Houston who are in crisis situations.

Emergency Services-Southwest

In August of 2008, CCSC was delighted to take over operation of a second food pantry. Located at the Gethsemane campus of St. Luke’s United Methodist Church (6856 Bellaire), this center provides another location where community members in crisis can receive help. 


As you might guess from its name, JobNet is CCSC’s program designed to help job seekers find word. JobNet focuses on the needs of unemployment and underemployment persons who often have significant barriers to traditional job search (limited computer skills, limited experience, limited education, etc.).

Vocational Training/Martha’s Way

Martha’s Way is a vocational training program offered in Spanish that is designed to increase the earning potential of low-income women and men. This innovative curriculum focuses on the field of residential housekeeping-a vocation that is desired by many clients to improve their financial situation, through classroom education, hands on training and job leads, we equip clients to operate their own professional businesses. For more information about Martha’s Way or to register for classes, please contact

Back To School

Since 1986, CCSC has offered its Back To School program to meet the needs of school aged children. Students who participate in the program lack basic school supplies and clothing/uniforms needed to start the academic year on equal footing with their more advantaged peers. Back To School not only physically prepares children with academic tools, but increases overall self-esteem and mental readiness for learning.

Louise J. Morgan Vision Care Program

CCSC established the Louise J. Morgan Program to remove barriers from families needing eyeglasses for their children. The College of Optometrists in Vision Development reports that “up to 25 percent of school age children may have vision problems that can affect learning, but only 14 percent of children receive a comprehensive eye exam before starting school. Nearly 10 million kids have undetected vision problems.”

Jingle Bell Express

Jingle Bell Express began as one of the first outreach programs of the Christian Community Service Center. In 1980, volunteers got together to act as “Santa’s Helpers,” making dreams of Christmas a reality for 40 needy families. Due to the resounding support of many wonderful Houstonians, this program has blossomed. In December 2016, holiday joy reached 910 families and their 2,776 children through Jingle Bell Express.

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