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MW Instructor Veronica web 7-13Martha’s Way is a vocational training program designed to increase the earning potential of low-income women and men. This innovative curriculum focuses on the field of residential housekeeping – a vocation that is desired by many clients trying to improve their financial situation. Through classroom education, hands-on training and job leads, we equip clients to operate their own professional businesses.

Martha’s Way is unique to the Greater Houston area and has seen great success since its opening in 2003. To date, CCSC has graduated more than 1,500 program participants. A recent survey of program graduates revealed that over 60% of respondents reported that their family’s financial situation had improved since program completion.

Graduates complete a 42-hour curriculum organized into three classes:

Technical Training: instruction and practice cleaning all areas of a home (baths, kitchens, bedrooms, game rooms, formal living areas); fine furniture and flooring; planning for efficient and effective cleaning; chemical safety; and eco-friendly products.

Business Skills I: developing professional mission statements; understanding work styles; managing time; communicating; maintaining image and professional ethics.

Business Skills II:  bidding; budgeting and planning; business and marketing planning.

In addition, many graduates have also improved their language skills through an “English for Housekeeping” course. This optional class is offered at one of our locations, focusing on industry-related vocabulary and conversations.  Comprehensive English as a Second Language classes are also offered at other Martha’s Way locations.

Within the last few years, Martha’s Way has expanded significantly from one program site to five locations in Gulfton/Sharpstown, Museum District, Spring Branch, Southwest Houston, and the East End.  We partner with area churches and through nonprofits in areas that are convenient to prospective clients.

United_Way_THRIVE_LogoMartha’s Way is involved in United Way THRIVE, a network of more than 20 organizations in the Houston area that help working families develop good financial habits and earn enough income to meet their needs and save for the future.  We frequently refer CCSC clients to United Way THRIVE partners that offer complementary services including financial coaching, tax preparation, banking/credit union services, literacy and more.MW_grad_class_7_13


Hire A Martha’s Way Graduate!

Martha’s Way graduates are eager to clean YOUR house–with pride! These aspiring professionals are trained to excel in detailed housekeeping and customer service. Some have cleaned professionally before. Let them exceed your expectations!  Just hear what “happy homeowners” who have done business with Martha’s Way graduates have to say:

    • “Victorina is the best housekeeper I’ve ever had. This is not only because of her quality work, but also due her reliability.”
    • “Silvia is a joy to have in my home.  It is hard to find someone dependable that takes such great pride in their work, but I have definitely found that in my new housekeeper.”
    • “I appreciate Teresa’s willingness to go above and beyond my requests.  I am so grateful for Teresa’s help and cannot say enough great things about the Martha’s Way program.”
    • “I am so pleased with Carmen. I think her training, work effort and goal of starting her own business is wonderful and so motivating.”

How Do I Go About Hiring A Graduate?

    • Access an easy to complete Homeowner Packet:  2018 Homeowner Packet
    • Complete and sign the request for a graduate contained within that packet.
    • Return the form to Ana Tappan:

Fax: 713-961-1548
Mail:  CCSC Martha’s Way, PO Box 27924, Houston, TX 77227-7924
Email:  training@ccschouston.org