CCSC Client Stories

(Please note that all clients’ names have been changed in respect of confidentiality.)

Emergency Services:

Dear Emergency Services Staff and Volunteers,

Thank you for your financial assistance with paying my August rent. I now have a roommate to split the bills in my two bedroom duplex, so that makes it easier. Also, I recently got a seasonal retail job, so I will be busy working at least through the holidays. I just spoke with the JobNet program at CCSC and plan on attending orientation next week. I need some practical computer training and advice on how to pursue a job that will utilize my college degree. God bless all of you for the work you are doing.



Janice and Marcus came to JobNet on the first of March after hearing about it repeatedly at Workforce Solutions. Haitian-born American citizens, they had spent the last several years in Haiti helping with the recovery of the island after storms and earthquakes caused extensive damage.

Lacking recent work experience in the United States, they needed help with resumes and job search strategies. JobNet coaches helped with both. They also needed help with housing. The family they were staying with wanted them and their 3 children out by mid-month. The Client Services Connector helped with referrals for housing, interview clothing and financial coaching.

With a Master’s degree in math, Marcus was able to find work as a substitute teacher while he pursues Texas Teacher Certification. Janice is now working as a translator/interpreter in Haitian/Creole. She left a note at our front desk, “My experience at JobNet has been positive from day one!”

Over the summer, they found housing and the Client Services Connector helped them get beds for the kids from a children’s charity. Marcus started work in September as a full time teacher.
Janice & Marcus, JobNet

Martha’s Way Residential Housekeeping Training Program:

Theresa moved to Houston when she was 17 years old. She lived with her sisters while finishing her high school education. Shortly after graduation, she married and began her family. Although Theresa had limited knowledge about how to run a business, she periodically cleaned homes to help her husband provide for their large family.

With her busy schedule raising four children, Martha’s Way was ideal because the classes were only held two days per week. Theresa was taught the safe and proper way to clean a home, and learned a great deal about managing a business. After completing the training, Theresa received a certificate that she can now present to prospective clients.

Theresa knew Martha’s Way would be an investment in herself and her family’s future. She was determined to teach her children the importance of self-improvement and hard work. Theresa owns her small business and provides cleaning services for the site where she once took classes and several other clients around the city of Houston. Starting her business has been a huge accomplishment, but her proudest moment was paying for her child’s college education. Theresa’s housekeeping business has been the key to a brighter future for her family.
Theresa, Martha’s Way

Louise J. Moran Vision Care Program:

“If we don’t correct his vision now, this 7-year old will not be able to enter certain professions by the time he is a teenager.”

Lockhart Elementary Nurse Shawn Jarmon received this information while attending a vision care field trip to the University Eye Institute sponsored by Christian Community Service Center (CCSC). Earlier in the school year, CCSC vision care volunteers provided screening to 1,859 students from thirteen schools, including Lockhart. Then, field trips were arranged for 581 students needing comprehensive medical exams and prescription glasses.

Thanks to CCSC’s vision care program and the UEI optometry team, “Gabriel” was fitted for his prescription glasses and now wears them at all times – putting him on track for a future without limitations.