CCSC Client Stories

(Please note that all clients’ names have been changed in respect of confidentiality.)

Emergency Services:

Dear Emergency Services Staff and Volunteers,

Thank you for your financial assistance with paying my August rent. I now have a roommate to split the bills in my two bedroom duplex, so that makes it easier. Also, I recently got a seasonal retail job, so I will be busy working at least through the holidays. I just spoke with the JobNet program at CCSC and plan on attending orientation next week. I need some practical computer training and advice on how to pursue a job that will utilize my college degree. God bless all of you for the work you are doing.



Joseph was new to Houston, unemployed, and living with his brother.  He came to Emergency Services – Central for help with food where he learned about JobNet.  He liked the welcoming environment when he attended Orientation and signed up to meet with a coach.

Due to his health issues, Joseph had not worked in 5 years.  The coach helped to create a resume highlighting his skills and together they worked out a good answer to the question he was sure to face in an interview—“Why haven’t you worked in 5 years?”

Using the computer at JobNet and his new resume, Joseph applied for jobs online and landed an interview with a large hotel downtown.  He was offered a job at the front desk the same week.
Joseph, JobNet

Martha’s Way Residential Housekeeping Training Program:

Theresa moved to Houston when she was 17 years old. She lived with her sisters while finishing her high school education. Shortly after graduation, she married and began her family. Although Theresa had limited knowledge about how to run a business, she periodically cleaned homes to help her husband provide for their large family.

With her busy schedule raising four children, Martha’s Way was ideal because the classes were only held two days per week. Theresa was taught the safe and proper way to clean a home, and learned a great deal about managing a business. After completing the training, Theresa received a certificate that she can now present to prospective clients.

Theresa knew Martha’s Way would be an investment in herself and her family’s future. She was determined to teach her children the importance of self-improvement and hard work. Theresa owns her small business and provides cleaning services for the site where she once took classes and several other clients around the city of Houston. Starting her business has been a huge accomplishment, but her proudest moment was paying for her child’s college education. Theresa’s housekeeping business has been the key to a brighter future for her family.
Theresa, Martha’s Way

Louise J. Moran Vision Care Program:

Chris and David, who are outgoing, polite brothers in a local elementary school, both struggled to see clearly because of outdated corrective lenses. They grew frustrated with class work, experienced low test scores, and even became a distraction to other students.

Because CCSC’s Louise J. Moran Vision Care program partners with their campus, Chris and David’s school nurse registered them to receive a professional eye exam and updated prescriptions through the University Eye Institute. With this technical expertise, the boys now have brand-new glasses, rarely become frustrated with their school work, and have seen an increase in their test scores.
Chris and David, Vision Care Program