CCSC & Hurricane Harvey

In the wake of Harvey, CCSC is called to continue living its mission, helping all of God’s children, heart to heart and hand in hand.

But how? Is there a way to invest in our long-term ability to respond to disasters?

You’ve witnessed our dedication and seen the damage our building has suffered. You can help minister to Houston’s needy by giving to our building fund. Help repair our facility and prepare a new home where we will be able to serve the growing numbers of people coming to us!  (To find out more how CCSC helps the community annually follow this link.)

Click the green “I Want To Donate” button on the right side of this page and choose “Building Fund”.

Thank you for considering an investment in our future!


CCSC in Action, Post-Harvey

Like far too many in Houston, CCSC took on water and suffered building damage at the hands of Harvey, but staff and volunteers pulled together to open both food pantries within two days of the historic storm.

In the first nine days after they opened, our two food pantries helped over 1,030 families. Partnering with the Houston Food Bank, the southwest pantry distributed semi-trailer trucks full of both nonperishable and perishable donations to the community.

JobNet, housed in the CCSC Administration Building, suffered the worst water damage. Through lots of hard work, JobNet was up and running as of September 12. It also expects to see a surge in clients and individuals suffering employment loss due to Hurricane Harvey.

As Executive Director Michelle Shonbeck said, “The Christian Community Service Center is here for the long haul. This work will be ongoing for months and months. Thank you to all of our friends, and a special thank you to our member churches.”

Monetary donations to CCSC programs and to the building campaign are needed.  If you would like to help in other ways, the following  in-kind donations are most needed:

  • canned soups
  • canned fruits
  • canned meats (tuna and chicken)
  • cereal
  • rice and beans
  • peanut butter
  • manual can openers
  • new children’s and adult underwear
  • diapers

These donations may be dropped off at Emergency Services-Central (3434 Branard 77027).

Starting the week of September 28th all programs resumed normal operations, with special Harvey related needs being addressed on a case by case basis.



CCSC's Role During a Natural Disaster

CCSC is a service provider to those undergoing daily, silent disasters such as unemployment, low wages, hunger, and a lack of other basic needs, not a first responder or expert in disaster relief. However, there are effective ways the agency can serve the community when a disaster hits the Gulf Coast.

During a crisis, CCSC should continue to serve its regular clients while also serving disaster victims through its existing programs. CCSC may adjust policies to serve these victims and can also connect clients, particularly first-time clients, to other agencies and resources. In addition, it can become a clearinghouse of information for its member churches, especially those churches serving as Red Cross shelters.

A special group of trained volunteer leaders is needed during disasters to assist with communication and managing other volunteers who come wanting to help. These volunteer leaders may coordinate group projects, help in answering the phone, and accept donations from outside groups. If you would like to be part of this group, contact the Volunteer Coordinator at or 713-961-3993, extension 211.