CCSC's Role During a Natural Disaster

CCSC is a service provider to those undergoing daily, silent disasters such as unemployment, low wages, hunger, and a lack of other basic needs, not a first responder or expert in disaster relief. However, there are effective ways the agency can serve the community when a disaster hits the Gulf Coast.

During a crisis, CCSC should continue to serve its regular clients while also serving disaster victims through its existing programs. CCSC may adjust policies to serve these victims and can also connect clients, particularly first-time clients, to other agencies and resources. In addition, it can become a clearinghouse of information for its member churches, especially those churches serving as Red Cross shelters.

A special group of trained volunteer leaders is needed during disasters to assist with communication and managing other volunteers who come wanting to help. These volunteer leaders may coordinate group projects, help in answering the phone, and accept donations from outside groups. If you would like to be part of this group, contact the Volunteer Coordinator at or 713-961-3993, extension 211.