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Since 1986, CCSC has offered a Back To School program to meet the needs of students from preschool all the way through high school. Students who participate lack academic supplies and clothing/uniforms needed to start the year on equal footing with their more advantaged peers. Back To School not only physically prepares children with academic tools, but increases overall self-esteem and mental readiness for learning.

During this unprecedented time of the COVID-19 pandemic, CCSC remains committed to serving 6,500 students in need through our Back To School program. CCSC is adjusting the 2020 program so we can continue to equip low-income students with the academic tools to succeed while using logistics that minimize social gathering of volunteers and client families.

Unfortunately, our annual community event originally scheduled for early August has been cancelled. Instead, CCSC is expanding our partnerships with high-need schools to deliver academic supplies and uniform vouchers directly to these campuses. CCSC has created Back To School campus “adoptions” like this for many years (in addition to the community event). We are confident this approach will result in successful support to students who need help in an unprecedented time. A complete list of 2020 school partners is listed HERE.

It costs only $50.00 to provide each child with a comprehensive supply packet and a clothing/shoe voucher. CCSC purchases all school supplies in bulk for the greatest savings.

Thanks to the generosity of community donors and volunteers, the Back to School program continues to fulfill a need and equip students for a successful academic year.

For more information regarding Back To School, contact the Youth Services Manager at 713.961.3993 ext. 215 or

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